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The only way to capture flight simulator game footage is to use a capture device. These come in quite a few variates, from add on plugins that you install inside your laptop on a laptop express slot, such as the airplane games online click here to play the game. To save gameplay you need another device, you can’t achieve this by just plugging it in to your laptop’s game plugin, since the game plugin addons are all for output to a screen. Continue reading Game Patches Flight Simulator Updates

News and Updates

2003 November 19th    Korea: Forgotten Conflict forum
“Korea forum started on 2003 reference here
2003 October 28th    First Fansite started
“First fansite airplane games – free online games”
2003 October 27th    Korea: Forgotten Conflict got Bronze Award and review score 80%
“After the Silver Award from Gamer Nation, Korea: Forgotten Conflict gained yesterday the Bronze Award with the review score 80% from Please, click here for the review. ”
2003 October 24th    Korea: Forgotten Conflict demo update to v1.1
“Download Korea: Forgotten Conflict demo update” Continue reading News and Updates


Medic unit Korea Forgotten Conflict Guide and Tips
A Medic was originally a type of healer who treated ailments believed to be caused by treatment its a ranged smart unit who can take on the role of a support or a defender. It is currently used to refer to air transport, particularly in third world regions, who use traditional healing rather than contemporary medicine. Continue reading Medic


Korea Forgotten Conflict Gallery, Wallpaper and Screenshot

Fan Maps
To download additional fan Asian Warfare Expansion maps, visit one of the Asian Warfare Expansion Authorized Map Sites
: The North Korea Bonus Maps – Additional Hero Asian Warfare Expansion Maps.
Korea: Forgotten Conflict – Defense of the Asian -.Learn more about the popular Asian Warfare Expansion Mod! Continue reading Gallery


Professional Korea: Forgotten Conflict Team
Soldier Recruit
Soldier Apprentice
Combat Apprentice
Medic Apprentice
Soldier Combat
Medic Officer 3rd Class
Medic Officer 2nd Class
Medic Officer 1st Class
Sergeant Medic Officer
Senior Sergeant Medic Officer
Captain Sergeant Medic Officer
Command Captain Sergeant Medic Officer
Captain Sergeant Medic Officer of the Military Continue reading Team